The ideas in 2 Weeks 2Utopia are a blend of personal observations and information gleaned from reading a broad selection of research articles and publications presented by expert websites and blogs. You can read these same sources to learn more about the topics touched upon in the book, find out details about statistical research, and dive deeper into climate topics. Think of this list as a launch point for your own climate research and eco-action journey.

24 billion tons of fertile land lost every year, warns UN chief

Soil Fertility and Erosion

Record US fruit and vegetable imports expected in 2022

Number of households in the U.S. from 1960 to 2022

Here are five policies to make transport more sustainable in cities

Habits to save our habitat: Using the psychology of habits to promote sustainability (PDF)

COVID-19 lockdowns cause global air pollution declines

Global Industries that Consume the Most Energy

The Net-Zero agenda: challenges and possibilities

Project Drawdown

Water Footprint of Food List

What You Eat Can Impact Climate Change

These Simple Food Choices Can Drastically Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Learn About Aquatic Trash | US EPA

Human Overpopulation – Wikipedia

The climate mitigation gap: education and government recommendations miss the most effective individual actions

Style that’s sustainable: A new fast-fashion formula

Fashion’s Problems: Waste and Pollution

line of trees