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For VIP Contributors to the Book:

Your writings, art, essays, photographs, and opinions are appreciated.

When you upload or otherwise provide materials to this site, either through our upload form or by other means, you attest to the following:

I am the owner of the material that I am providing here, or I am acting on behalf of the owner of the material, and I give my express permission to the owners of the 2 Weeks 2 Utopia site to use, publish, and/or distribute my provided content without limit, worldwide, and in perpetuity.

Non-Exclusive Agreement between Fine Artist, Writer, Photographer, Poet, Writer, (hereafter referred to as “Artist”), and the 2 Weeks 2 Utopia book project.  Materials provided can be in any form or in combination with other materials such as headshots, photographs, essays, poems, limericks haiku, or articles. All materials submitted (with the exception of headshots, publicity links, and associated artist biographies) must be relevant to climate change, ecology, or improving the condition of all people and animals.

Artist, or the party acting on behalf of artist, certifies that the material provided is original to artist, and artist is the owner of the material provided here, and further, artist gives their express permission to the owners of the site to use, publish, and/or distribute the material(s) provided by artist or their fiduciaries, without limit, in any form, worldwide, and in perpetuity. 

Note: The material provided need not be for exclusive use in the 2 Weeks 2 Utopia book project and artist is free to publish the provided material elsewhere as well, non-exclusively.

Consideration: You agree that consideration for providing the materials will be limited to one (1) electronic download of the completed book and one (1) copy of the trade paperback. Artist is welcome to share the 2Weeks2Utopia.com link with friends, family, and artist’s social media where appropriate.  Credit to artist will be provided in all versions of the work, in perpetuity.

Artist or his representative agree that providing materials for potential inclusion in the book does not constitute a partnership or exclusive relationship between the artist and 2Weeks2Utopia.com.